Utopian green is the manifest in architecture which was created by a group of architects who don’t believe in the architecture of today.  Utopian green aims to bring together ecology and architecture by raising questions and proposing solutions and ideas for the future. Strongly believing that the system in which we are living today doesn’t provide a comprehensive system that includes all the elements in it. We believe that architecture is not only about aesthetics or form and function. All the forms have been used and reused and it has become a viscous circle of archistars and economically driven architecture. Today it is a matter of ecology.
We think that the duty of the architect today is much more complex. Being a discipline that obliges architects to have a multidisciplinary knowledge makes him a leader and gives him the big responsibility of coming up with visions for the society. It has always been like that if we see history from the ancient Greece with the Polis(city) to Le Corbusier, Bauhaus it is obvious the influence that movements of architects, artists have had. The big movements in the history have created a whole chain effects in the social, economical, artistic aspects of our world. Of course this movements have had their positive and negative effects, but in the end  they have revolutionized the world.
From the industrial revolution different problems have arisen. For the first time in the 60′ the question of ecology started to become an issue. The pollution, global warming, diminished resources in higher rates today is a red alarm for tomorrow. Many architects have been concerned by this facts and have tried to bring new ideas of how to merge architecture in an ecological system. Paolo Soleri came out with the concept of “Archaeology”(architecture+ecology), Buckminister Fuller started to study ecology with the system of geodesic domes, Francois Roche came with the research on New territories.
The aim today is to create new solutions in architecture that can revolutionize the idea of cities of today. It is important to take a step back and reflect on what is going on and at the same time to say stop and rethink, rebuild a new vision of the world.
This Magazine it is a Manifest created to provoke, to question and to make people think and react towards ecology and its relation with architecture.