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UNA, 239 House, São Paulo

A house designed for a particular family, even when one always creates a project suitable to anyone. Tending to be more feminine than masculine, the house embraces a 50-year-old fruit tree (a Jabuticabeira) at the center of the plot. It shapes a small courtyard towards which every room opens: a porch, a living room, a dining […]

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Ecology, Free Energy

Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

Sometimes it seems there is barely a resort in the Maldives that isn’t paradise on Earth. And indeed, the Grand Park Kodhipparu on the North Male Atoll – with dreamy villas and over-water bungalows set amidst white powdery sands and crystal clear waters – feels like it has dropped straight from heaven. Whether framed by lush greenery […]

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Architecture, Ecology, House

Casa MeMo / Bam Arquitectura

Descripción de los arquitectos. La casa MeMo implantada en un terreno en San Isidro, zona norte de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, surge con la premisa de una clienta apasionada por el paisajismo con fuerte convicción sobre la sustentabilidad y el cuidado del medio ambiente de realizar un proyecto en un lote entre medianeras […]

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Ecology, Free Energy, IT revolution

Pal-V One – Flying Car

PAL-V International B.V. started in 2001 to design a roadable aircraft. It evaluated many potential technologies and created numerous concepts in cooperation with well-known research institutes and universities. The most important breakthrough was the maturing of the DVC tilting technology in 2005. This brought into reach the design of a real flying car instead of […]

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Architecture, Design, Ecology

Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry

We are on a spaceship; a beautiful one. It took billions of years to develop. We’re not going to get another. Now, how do we make this spaceship work? – R. Buckminster Fuller Buckminster Fuller was a renowned 20th century inventor and visionary born in Milton, Massachusetts on July 12, 1895. Dedicating his life to […]

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