Inside out house

We took part in a competition to design a doll’s house to highlight issues affecting disabled children and to suggest solutions that would improve their life if translated to real houses.

We were aware of how the many changes to the benefit system and rising rents have made it more difficult for disabled children and their families to access outdoor play in London. Gardens are important for play, relaxation and finding moments of peace. Inspired to raise this serious social issue, we developed the Inside Out House.

Part concrete shell, part mobile oak rooms, the house can contract in size on sunny days to open up the garden. On rainy days, the structure can expand again to make more room inside.

Beautifully made, robust, tactile and colourful, the Inside Out House was described by the Telegraph newspaper’s review as ‘a piece that we can imagine a child getting years of play from … A great example of the classic modernist principle of “bringing the outside in”’.




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