A Small, Rationalist Monument by Giuseppe Terragni (1934)

In 1934, while working on larger commissions and competitions, Giuseppe Terragni designed this small memorial for Roberto Sarfatti, son of Margherita Sarfatti on the Col d’Echele (Echele plateau) near Asiago in the Veneto region in Italy. Located in the place where Sarfatti died during World War I, the monument is composed of superimposed parallelepipedal stones, assembled in order to form a “T” in plan and including a central stair of 15 steps crossing it in a north-south direction to get on the top of the structure. On the top lies a monolithic cube with the epitaph. The monument is simple in its form, yet extremely refined. Anti-rhetoric and “out of time”, the memorial subtly dialogues with primordial forms in the history of architecture as well as with the plateau around it, at the same time, it somehow recalls Adolf Loos’ Dvořák mausoleum.




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