Minimum requirements:

-images (at least 2000px horizontally)
-basic data (location, design year, year of construction, area, budget, image credits)
-concept description text (300 words max)

Optional: If possible, please include all the material that you think it’s important for describing your project: simple site plan, sketches, renders, photos of models, cross-sections, interesting details


Uploading material in 3 simple steps:

1. put all the material that you want to send us in a folder on your computer
2. compress the folder to .rar or .zip
3. to transfer the files use, for friends e-mail insert
That’s it!

Not every presentation we get is necessarily published. You may first send us one or two photos of your project and we might get back to you.

By sending material to us, you state that you have the right to publish the material.

thank you for your interest!